Monday, March 14, 2016

Started from the bottom now I'm here...

Here is Keagan's email for this week.  Something we learned this week is that when she refers to the investigators as "Amis" the translation for that is "A friend in Christ".  We thought that was a really cool way to think about the investigators.  Love getting these letters, she is doing so great!  I know she would love to hear from friends back home so if you have a minute email her at the email.  This is the email she checks.


Well, lemme tell yah, this week was certainly one for the books!! But
first, lemme start from the beginning.

Monday was a miracle Monday! We were going to Lausanne to buy some
clothes for Christofferson conference tomorrow (!I know right?!) and
we had just gotten out of the house and we're going to have to run out
of the house to catch the bus..and I of course forgot my bus pass! So
we run inside and come out content to just walk to the gare and take
the next train(train station). Well, when we got to the bus stop, what
pulls up? Yep! The bus! We made it to our train on time! Woot! We were
blessed with little things like that all day! Just barely making the
train and so on. That night we decide to do a power hour and as were
walking around we meet 7 people. Of those 7 people on 2 spoke French!
The others spoke Turkish, Albanian, Arabic, Spanish, and Kurt (SP?)..
Crazy! Haha we did a lot of charades and in the end they understood
what we were doing haha.

Tuesday we didn't do much.. Just the usual ward council and visited
Soeur Frene. I love her. She is finally starting to get that burning
again! It's awesome. She gets excited for our visits and she gets
excited to read the scriptures. She's not interested in general
conference, but we have been leaving her talks and she has been
reading them not knowing they were from general conference and we
don't plan to tell her any time soon haha #sneeky

Wednesday we had exchanges and I got to go on exchange with Soeur
Canino. She is from Italy and is super cool! She's 25 and on a
mission! So cool. She is really smart and loves the gospel. We got to
visit one of our Amis and we invited her to be baptized and she said
yes! And then said no.. Because she was already baptized.. So we
retaught the apostasy and restoration and she said that she didn't
know if she could be baptized by someone holding the priesthood and
that she needed to check with her psychiatrist to see if it's okay....
That was bizarre haha oh well, we'll keep trying!

Thursday we did some contacting, we did some visits, but no one was
interested and no one would answer... So we did some area book work
and then prepared for a big day Friday.

Friday was the coolest day EVER! Friday we did what's called a
"Finding Day" where all the missionaries get together in just a couple
areas and find people. Well, that day was amazing! We started in
Neuchatel and it is BEAUTIFUL! We had a lot of fun and found a lot of
potentials for the sisters there. After, we went to Yverdon! We got to
find a lot of people and have a lot of fun together. It was great. And
2 of the elders got us an engage! Haha his name is Diazlo and we don't
know him... But he's set to be baptized on the 30th of April! We also
found a lot of people and have a big week this coming week :) I love
doing stuff like finding days because I can find new people and get to
know my district better. My district is like one happy family and I
love it!!
We also got a new ami! His name is Rafael. He's super cool and is
planning to set a baptismal date next week.

We had a hang over from finding day on Saturday.. But we still went
out and tried out best! We visited some people and called all the
potentials from finding day and just kept working! It was great we had
23 conversation in just 1 hour on the street! So cool.

Sunday was the day! We had 5 amis at church! And we got another
engage! His name is Fred and it was on the first lesson! So cool! We
taught him at the gare with his friends (who are the drug dealers of
Yverdon) inside one of the stores haha and when we asked if he would
be baptized he said yes and committed to May 15th! So cool! Miracles
are happening here.

Well, we need to go to work, but I love you all! I know this church is
true and I'm so grateful to play just a small part in this work.

Keep it real! Pics to come another day.

Soeur Robb

Sœur Keagan Robb
La mission Français de Lyon
59 rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon France

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