Friday, January 22, 2016

It's letter day!
The sisters in my Zone
Behind me clockwise Soeur VanAuker,
Soeur Kelly, Soeur Stephens, Soeur Wadsworth
Soeur Clark, Soeur Johnson, Soeur Burgoyne
and Soeur Springer

Bonjour Tout le monde! Comment Ça va?
I am doing amazing!! Life is fantastic here in the MTC. There really is no place I'd rather be.
Cool thing about the MTC, it's one step above a church building and one step below a temple! I'm constantly walking on sacred ground! no wonder elders and sisters are able to learn languages in such a short amount of time! 

Again, so much happened this week! They kind of all just blurred together so here are the things I remember haha (thank you journal!)

So to start, we had the AMAZING opportunity to hear the always wonderful Janice Capp Perry! She is a hoot! She told some great stories and her husband even kissed her on the stage! it was definitely too much excitement for one day haha. But the coolest thing ever was when everyone at the MTC sang the EFY medley (as sisters in zion and will bring the world his truth) it was SO powerful!  You could totally feel the truthfulness in the words. It was super awesome.

This week we had some pretty awesome opportunities to hear from some great general authorities! On Tuesday we had the chance to hear from Elder Falabella of the 70. He talked to us about teaching families and being willing to open our mouths. He also talked a lot about how our purpose as missionaries is to teach repentance and baptize converts. I thought the statement "teach repentance, baptize converts" was a really interesting one that was said about the purpose of missions. It hit me that what we are doing as missionaries is not focusing on baptisms, even though they're pretty nice, out job is to work with the investigators and to help them to be converted to Jesus Christ and His restored gospel. We don't want to baptize our amis (friends/investigators) and then have them leave after! Our goal is to get life long members that way the gospel can bless them and their family for generations to come. That is why missionary work is so important! It is something that lasts through out the eternities and can benefit for years to come!

On Wednesday I got to be a host missionary! I got to stand out on the curb and help the new missionaries! The new missionaries were all so cute and so excited to be here! They were also pretty nervous, but I see them walking around and after just 3 days they are doing great! Being a host reminded me of when I was a "bleu" (as we are called in France). I got to the MTC and was that awkward kid (like normal) walking around with a girl I had just met who was supposed to be my best friend, eating this food that was NOTHING like my mommas home cooked food and attempting to speak a language that I didn't even know! Despite all the crazy, I was so incredibly happy! And I will let you in on a little secret, as soon as I stepped foot on the sidewalk after leaving the car, I wasn't crying, I wasn't even sad, just incredibly happy and so full of excitement! I get to host again on Wednesday and I'm SUPER excited (:

Wednesday was a pretty busy day! We got to teach TRC! TRC is where you go and teach the missionary lessons to real members who speak French. It was a blast! It was definitely hard, but so much fun. Souer Clark and I taught about enduring to the end and it was pretty good! It was fun to be told by members that we have good French and see their faces when we told them that we had been at the MTC for only 2 weeks (:

Wednesday was just a highlight in so many ways! haha On Wednesday we also had the opportunity to go to the mission-wide broadcast where we got to listen to a bunch of general authorities talk about "teach repentance, baptize converts." It was awesome! Some things that stood out to me were
-they focused a lot on our role as missionaries and working with the Holy Ghost. We are not the teachers, the Holy Ghost is and as much as we want the investigator to just feel the holy ghost we can't force it upon them because our role as missionaries is to INVITE.
-Teach Families
-It doesn't matter if the person you're teaching is an investigator or a less-active/part member family, we treat them all the same.
It was pretty neat to listen to general authorities testify of the truthfulness of this work. I am really grateful to be a part of it!

So the last thing I am going to talk about is something not so glorious! This week we had to move classrooms. (keep in mind that we spend more time in the classrooms than we do in our bedrooms) I came up with the comparison that everyone has been using because 1) It's extremely accurate and 2) as missionaries everything we say in some way revolves around the gospel. So here is it! We moved from the "garden of Eden" to the "Telestial Kingdom." Our old building had a BEAUTIFUL view of Utah and was just awesome! The old one smelled nice and has multiple bathrooms but the new one smells awful, has a problem with mice, and has only one bathroom! It is also one of the oldest rooms on campus.. But it's an adventure and I'm sure that after this, France will be like Heaven! OK, lets be real, France is the equivalent of Heaven already (;

Well, I just want to end with a little advice for anyone considering a mission.
DO IT! Missionary work is one of the GREATEST things I have ever been involved in. Missionary work makes you so happy! I have never been so full of pure happiness ever, and as soon as I set foot here in the MTC I was instantly happy. Now don't get me wrong, missionary work is SO HARD! It's the hardest thing I have done. There are times when you have a crappy lesson or you're late or didn't prepare for a lesson very well or when you pray and mix up your words (when you're learning a new language) and pray for your investigator to be hurt by the spirit instead of blessed with the spirit and you just feel like a failure . But despite all that, YOU CAN DO IT! As a missionary you are blessed to have angels around you to lift you up, and even better, you are on the Lord's team! When you're on the Lord's team you can't lose! How great is that?!

Well, that's my little monologue...
I love you all so much and I'm so grateful for each one of you! I love reading your letters and hearing what is going on in your life. You are all so amazing! Keep it up. Don't be afraid to open your mouth and share the gospel (which literally means "good news").

Until next week, 
Soeur Keagan Robb

Weekly Scripture:
Alma 48: 

OK- Isn't Captain Moroni just amazing?! I love in verse 17 where it says that the if everyone were like unto Moroni the very powers of Hell would shake and Satan would have no power of the hearts of the children of men. HOW COOL?! I just want to challenge you all to read those verses and ponder this week how you can be more like Captain Moroni. Lets strive to be that person that when we get out of bed in the morning Satan says "Oh no! She's/he's awake!"

Companionship study with Soeur Clark

Care Package Selfie,Thanks for the Valentines Glasses, thanks Nana and Pop's!!

Elders Liddle (standing) and Davis (sitting) they
call themselves "The Future Apostles"
As Missionaries we have the "force" (;
Soeur Springer

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Here is the email week got this Friday.

Holy cow! Week 2 already? I can't believe how quickly time is going. It honestly seems like just yesterday that i came into the MTC! Days seem like weeks and weeks seem like days. Around here, the pack your schedule full of so many things that you can't remember if you did something during lunch, this morning, yesterday, or a week ago! But it's the best. I have already learned so much! 

So because there was so much going on I am going to apologize in advance for the lengthy letter! 

So this week my comp. Sister Clark and I got to teach our first "investigator." Here at the MTC we get to teach 3 different teachers and then we do what is call TRC where we get to teach members. So this week Sister Clark and I taught Francois. Francois is a Baptist from Paris who has 2 sons Jerry and Rudy and he works in the evenings as a counselor for troubled teens with alcohol and drug addictions. When we first met him we decided it would be good to teach him about prayer and honestly, he was the golden investigator! He kept his commitment to pray daily until our next appointment. The next appointment was terrible. We went in and forgot to pray with him, and then we just went in and talked about a bunch of stuff on the restoration but didn't think about how it applied to him and how it would help his needs. Needless (haha) to say, he basically told us (with as much as we could understand..) "that's a cool story but how does that apply to me? Why is this important?" It really caused us to re-think what Francois needed at this time. We went back, prayed and then went in with the spirit to the next appointment and Francois opened up to us and we in turn were able to help him with some of the issues he was having. The rest of the lessons from then on were fantastic! It was awesome to be able to help someone. We even committed him to read the book of mormon and he said yes! We get to meet with him again on Tuesday and see if he followed through! We also will get feed back on how well we taught him the lessons.. haha 

This week had a rocky start with classes..My district was supposed to have 2 teachers and we ended up only having 1. There were some schedule problems because a  group of missionaries had to stay at the MTC for 2 extra weeks (which would be terrible I think) and our teacher was teaching them. I was really frustrated at first because I didn't think it was fair that I was being pushed back because a group of missionaries had to stay longer but then I repented, prayed and things got better because I got the BEST teacher ever! His name is Frere (brother) Keenan. He has been home from his mission for about 1.5 years and is amazing!! He has the same humor as Dad so he can always count on me to laugh at his jokes haha. He is also so in tune with the spirit and knows exactly what to say. He did an interview with me and just in that prayer to open the interview he addressed all my concerns and challenges right now and then we were able to talk about them (and of course I bawled). He knew exactly what to say and I could feel the Spirit testifying to me that what he was telling me was what my Father in Heaven wanted me to know. It was definitely a cool experience! Starting Monday my classes should be back on schedule. But now I honestly don't feel like I was set at a disadvantage with having only 1 teacher. I was blessed from it to 1) be able to learn the language quicker and 2) to be able to comprehend thoroughly what was being taught. So I consider myself pretty darn lucky (:

Another cool thing that happened this week was that Elder Neil L. Anderson came and spoke to us on Tuesday! It was SO cool! He came and spoke to us on the Doctrine of Christ and opening our mouths. As a missionary, everything we testify about should be about Christ. After being at that devotional Sister Clark and I decided that in our lessons with investigators that we should talk more about Christ, so that is our goal for the next  weeks (:

So I got a calling this week in my branch! I am now the branch music coordinator! Pretty cool. I get to pick a special musical numbers each week and then pick and conduct the songs en Francais. It's kind of tricky but it'll be lots of fun! 

Honestly so much has happened in these last 7 days that  I can't remember everything and my journal is no help haha. 

But remember that I love you all! I am so grateful for you love and support and most importantly your prayers! When I feel down or am missing home I can feel the prayers of you wonderful people and they keep me going (: 

Don't forget that you are all children of a Heavenly Father who loves you SO much! I love you so much too!

Don't you forget about me (tune of don't you from Breakfast Club)
Soeur Keagan Robb

Scripture of the week:
 3 Nephi 5:13
Don't ever forget that we are all in this great work together (members and missionaries). As missionaries, we would not be near as successful as we are without you awesome members! We are all disciples of Jesus Christ here to declare his word so that others can have the same blessings we have. Doesn't the gospel make you so happy? Then share with someone why you love it and why it makes you happy and maybe it will make them happy too (:

P I C T U R E S  P A R T  1 :
This is the drawing I made of my district. The stick figures surprisingly look SUPER close to the actual people haha.
(I couldn't figure out how to change the picture... But from Right to Left this is Me, Sister Kelly, Sister Clark and Sister Wadsworth
I have become a proficent selfie-taker with my digital camera! Aren't Soeur Clark and I so cute!?

Don't you love these pictures! don't worry, they don't stop here (; more pictures are coming