Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Put a ring on it!?!

This is the group she was in the MTC with

My goodness I am so excited to get into this week! It was hand down just spectacular (like always) so I'll get into it!

Monday we had Zone P-Day in Geneva. It was so fun to get to see everyone! We got to play football and BBQ and yep, it was great :) Ialso got to see elder wade again! Which was super awesome. It's always so much fun to be around friends from before the mission.
Tuesday was the day! Christofferson Conference! My goodness it was amazing!! We got there and were told to quietly reflect on his talks and prepare for him and as soon as he got here we got to shake his hand and he talked to each one of us a little bit and boy was it so cool! I just happened to wear my personal progress medallion and he
was so proud of me. He also told me he was excited for me to be here and asked me where I was from. When I said PG UT his wife said that's where he was born! I was pretty excited haha just another reason to be proud of my home town 😎
Now to the spiritual :)
He asked that president speak first and president reviled how many engages we got! And I'm proud to say that we made our goal of 187! We
actually got 223 engages!! When I heard that I was like "WHAT?! Are you kidding!? We did that?!" And then a voice came to my mind and said "Sister Robb, you didn't do that. This is my work. I did that. You were just my hands." It was a very humbling experience.  Then Elder Christofferson spoke. Man is he funny! He has some pretty great jokes haha. He asked us "when is the perfect time to get baptized?" And we were all thinking some time and then he says "30 seconds before you die" hahah and then he went on to say that the earlier the better. Later in the meeting someone asked what the balance between their agency and our prayers and he said "well, you just pray for their agency to be taken away" hahaha he's great.  Anyways, something he really emphasized was knowing and recognizing the Lords voice. He said that it's not always the same but knowing his voice and recognizing it is vital for us to be missionaries and also in the future. It was awesome and I think that it definitely something that can benefit all of us no matter where we are because we are all missionaries.
He then finished by blessing the mission. It was a very sacred experience that I will NEVER forget in my life. We were all on a spiritual high that day :) oh! Another thing I loved that happened was that elder Christofferson said that he loves that the work for "investigator with a baptismal date" is Called an engage because they're engaged to the gospel. They're into it with all they have and that's special. President then had the nerve to say that he is
encouraging us to think about being engaged 💍 and elder Christofferson looked at him and with just the straightest face said "engaged in the work" hahaha hopefully that ends the marriage talk for
at least a few weeks haha 😂😂
The little kids are President Browns grandkids

Needless to say, after that spiritual high, Soeur Greciano and I had a serious spiritual hangover haha. It was slightly hard to work because we were exhausted but it was an awesome day. We got to go work at the farm! We got to clean up cow poop and then feed the cows. We also got to help start building a horse coral. That was fun, but I am definitely not cut out to be a farm girl! I wouldn't survive haha. City life for days.
Thursday was a slower day but one that Soeur Greciano will never forget! We were doing our usual power hour and we contacted this lady with the cutest puppy and turns out the lady is from Spain! Soeur Greciano was so excited! She's now an ami and is very receptive to the message :) I hope, for Soeur Grecianos sake, she continues to progress :)
Friday: and Saturday:
Friday was super eventful. We had a RDV with an ami called Jeremie and he was recently kicked out of the evangelist church... So we had a lesson with him and it was so frustrating! His interpretation of the bible is so skewed. It was really rough so we just bore testimony the whole time. He wants to meet with us again and has been reading the Book of Mormon so that's good! I just don't know where to even begin with teaching him... He's crazy.. Haha but we love him. He'll come around the eventually. I mean, there has to be another reason why he came to the Mormon Church after getting kicked out of the evangelist church!
After we taught jeremie, I got to go on a "Bleus exchange" with Soeur Wadsworth (a friend from the MTC). We had an AMAZING start! We had 12 conversations and a lesson! Turns out that everyone we spoke to all spoke English! It was a complete blessing and the lord knew we needed that. We got to continue our exchange on into Saturday as well. Saturday we mad the goal to hand out 10 BOMs (8 French and 2 English). We were able to successfully hand out 8 French book of Mormons! Woot woot! No one spoke English on Saturday haha but our French (more like lack thereof haha) really helped us to get conversations started! We got 18 conversations that day. It was super cool. Needless to say, best exchange I've been on! Also, we found Zion so... Haha

Well, Sunday was a slightly stressful day for me... I had to speak in church!! Oh my lanta... Scariest thing I have done in my life! But somehow, through my broken French, the spirit was there and he was able to convey the message on the plan of salvation and the members understood for the most part! #blessed
That night we were invited over to have dinner with my favorite people in the ward, Bastian and Judith. Bastian is the bishop’s son and he and his wife Judith have been married for about 1 year. They're super super cool! Bastian works a lot in the US so speaks really good English and then Judith grew up in Quebec and speaks English, Spanish and French. They're super cool! They made us lasagna and I dunno.. They just have the coolest insights into the gospel! I dunno why I shared that haha but there yah go!

Well, that was my week! It's crazy to think that I'm starting the last week of my 1st transfer here in the France Lyon mission! I have been SO incredibly blessed. I have the greatest companion, district leader, zone leaders, district and zone. I've legit struck gold here! I am blessed beyond belief to be here on the Lords errand. I am so grateful each day that he allowed me to come serve his beloved children in the France Lyon mission. It's such a blessing for me! I came out here to give back to the one who gives me everything and I am seriously more blessed each day.

Guys, I know that this church is true. I know this with all my heart. I know that Jesus Christ suffered and died for us that we might be clean, live again, and never be alone. I know that he rose again on the 3rd day and that he lives today. I would like to challenge you in preparation for this coming Easter Sunday to 1) watch the video "Because of Him" and make a list of what is possible Because of Him and 2) read the talk "None were with Him" by Jeffery R. Holland.

I love you guys so much. And so does our Heavenly Father. I testify of that.

Until next week
Soeur Robb
Weekly Scripture:
3rd Nephi 11

This is the crowning event in the Book of Mormon! It's amazing. I know that Christ did visit 
his people in the Americas and will come again. I can't wait for that day!!

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