Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 7, Making History

Bonjour tout le monde! I hope all is well.

I am doing GREAT! As most of you know by now, I am making history! For
the last 20 years, Americans haven't been allowed to serve missions in
Switzerland. Well, me and 3 other sisters are making history and the
first American missionaries to serve in Suiss! I am in a really cute
town called Yverdon and I love it! There are lots of cobblestone paths
and cottage looking houses, canals with billions of ducks, and the
nicest people! I love it. Things are really expensive here, but I love
it. It's funny, when we go teach people they are always commenting
that I have a cute accent. For some reason the French and Suiss love
it when Americans speak haha.

So because a lot of things happened this week, I am just going to give
an outline of my week with some fun details :)

Monday-Tuesday: flying
* I Fell asleep on someone... That was a REALLY awkward experience...
On the first flight I got stuck in the middle of two men and the seats
were really close together... I was super tired and tried to fall
asleep as straight as possible but must have shifted during the ride
and my head moved off my seat or something... Anyways, the man was
really nice. He offered to buy me some coffee.. Probably so I wouldn't
do it again haha.
* On the second flight I got to sit next to a kid from Estonia. I
can't remember his name, but he was cool. He was in America for a mini
exchange program. He was pretty cool. He told me all about Estonia,
showed me where he lived on a map and we just talked. I asked him
about religion and he told me that most people in Estonia don't
believe in God and that if they do, it's just the old people. It was
sad. He had never heard about Jesus Christ! I tried to explain to him
why I was serving a mission and what I believed in, but he fell asleep
while I was talking so... In the end he wanted to keep in contact so I
wrote my information down in a Book of Mormon and then forgot to give
it to him.. It was sad.
* When we finally arrived in Lyon we got to meet President and Sister
Brown, Elder Haws (Tyler Haws little brother) Elder Humphries, and
Elder Kesley. Elder Haws and Humphries are the assistants and Elder
Kesley is the secretary. They are all super cool! They took us
contacting on the metro and that was a really cool experience. I
talked to a Professor of French and she was very sweet and told me I
spoke really well for only learning French for 6 weeks. She told me
about her family and why it was important to her. We started talking
about how the family is important to God and is central to His plan
for our happiness. I wish we wouldn't have had to get off because
things were going so well! Hopefully we can find her again :)
* For dinner that first day, we got to eat at the mission home. It is
beautiful!! They have a HUGE backyard and the inside is just amazing.
They fed us chicken Alfredo (my favorite) and then Sœur Brown made
cheesecake for us and we got to top it with fruit and whipped cream.
It was awesome!
* While I was at the mission home, president brown asked to interview
me. I was a little nervous at first, but there was nothing to be
nervous about. I know that he was really called of God to be the
mission president here in Lyon. Our interview was awesome. We learned
a lot about each other and I'm super excited to be serving here.

* Wednesday morning we had a conference before we found out our new
assignments. They fed us breakfast (pain au chocolate and yogurt) and
it was the best!! The yogurt here is the best yogurt ever!
* Soon we got our area assignments and I got lucky enough to get
called to Yverdon with Sœur Greciano as my new companion. She is
wonderful! When asking her what she wanted me to tell my friends and
family about her, this is what she said:
- Afraid of dogs and spiders
- Doesn't like "body exposure"
- Doesn't want to marry a good looking guy
- Likes chocolate
- From Madrid Spain
- Doesn't like Ronaldo (because of body exposure and he's good looking lol)
- Says funny stuff to make me laugh
- Enjoys American Slang
She is so cute and such a great trainer. We got along so well and are
always laughing. We are basically the same person but she's just
shorter 😉
* We took a train to Geneva to get our tickets from the Geneva ZLs and
turns out, Elder Jesse Wade is the ZL! It was so much fun to get to
see him and talk to him. After our stop in Geneva we took another
train to get to Yverdon. When we got to Yverdone we settled in, ported
a little bit and then came home and went to bed.

Friday the real work began.
* we got to visit with one of our investigators named Yvonne. She is
was very sweet. We taught her about the Creation and the fall and she
loved it. She told us that the lesson we taught was her favorite story
from the bible. She understands everything we teach her, we are just
struggling with getting her to see the importance in believing those
* Friday we got dropped quite a bit... Twice actually! But that's
okay! Because when 2 doors closed, 2 doors opened! We were able to
meet with a potential investigator and we set up a RDV (return
appointment) and then while porting (what we call knocking doors) we
met a lady named Concetta. She is from Italy and when we asked her
about her family and talked about what we believe about families she
let us right in. At the end of the lesson she told us that we were
angels from God sent to help her. I hope that we can continue to meet
with her!

* We started Saturday off with some service. We helped a sister move.
This wasn't your normal move job though... We came and we packed for
her and cleaned for her and she just sat there and told us what to do
haha. She's just great 🙂 (she really is though). It was a new
experience and definitely one that taught me a lot for my future. She
was a sweet lady and I was really glad I was able to help her.
* Once we got home we were supposed to have a RDV with an ami
(investigator) named Emma Oke but he was in Geneva so we decided to
contact. While contacting we met a man named Fred who only speaks
English! We talked to him and he seemed interested so we have a RDV
fixed for next week.
* Later that night we were invited to have fondue at the bishop of the
wards house. Fondue is pretty good! It was fun to get to meet his
family. They talk SO fast so I didn't really understand anything and
when they would ask me questions that I didn't understand, I would
just say "oui" and they would laugh because either it wasn't a yes or
no question or I just answered wrong haha. I really gotta work on
understand faster.

Sunday was pretty cool. I got asked to play the piano for sacrament
which was fun! Sœur Greciano had to give a talk. It was supposed to be
me and I was supposed to speak and introduce myself and bear a
testimony but Sœur Greciano was very nice and switched me months for
speaking so now I speak on the Plan of Salvation next month.
* While at church we got invited to have lunch at a members home and
of course we said yes. They fed us a Brazilian dish of rice, black
beans, and chicken. It was amazing!! I loved it.
* Before we had to go in Sunday night, we met a guy named Milton and
when we were talking to him about the church he told us he was
interested and would like to meet with us which was super cool.

Well, that's about it for this week! Here is just something cool I
wanted to talk a little bit about...

* Elder Christofferson is coming to our mission March 15th. With him
coming, President has set a goal of every missionary having an engage
(an ami with a baptismal date) before he gets here. That would be 187
engages. I know we can do it and I'm so excited to get me engage.

Well, I love you all! I know without a doubt that the church is true.
Stay strong and be good!

Until next week,
Sœur Robb

Weekly Scripture:
This transfer I made a goal to read the whole Book of Mormon and would
like to invite you to join me. You only need to read 19 pages a day...
Which sounds like a lot but I promise you that it will bless you so
So along with that challenge, I would like to share a scripture from
something I read this week. It's in 1 Nephi 17:11. It's okay to not
know everything, Nephi didn't know everything, but he did know that
God loves all his children. I love that, we don't have to know
everything right now, but knowing the simple yet profound and true
things, they're enough.

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