Monday, March 7, 2016

Week 8

Soeur Greciano & Soeur Robb
Bonjour tout le monde! How is everyone?

Lots of cool stuff happened this week, so I'm just gonna get into it :)
We got to eat some Kebobs! They are a bunch of different meats put
together in a tortilla... It was so good!! Really, that was the
highlight of Monday haha.
Tuesday we had to go on splits because Sœur Greciano is an STL and
they had a leadership conference. So I got to split with Sœur Beatty
and we had a blast. We had a miracle while we were out. We were
assigned to stay at the institute and help people if they came and
while we were there we had 4 Amis come! A couple had been doing family
history there for a long time and then the other two just randomly
found us online! SO COOL! So we got to talk to them about family
history and attempt to share stories with them ha.
We had legality.. It was the most awkward experience of my life. I
will explain at a later time (when I'm not a missionary anymore haha)
why... Anyways, that was terrible haha but now I'm legal so woo!
So Thursday was a cool day! We got to go and work on a farm for
service! A member in the ward has a cow farm and we get to help them
every week with their farm. They really need the help.. The wife is
the relief society president and she does so much to help progress the
work, this is the least we can do for her. But it's cool. I totally am
not cut out to be a farmer haha I am 100% a city girl :)
Friday we got to have zone training. Zone training was amazing we did
some cool stuff the coolest thing is that we will be Sitting front row
for when Christofferson comes! AHHHHH! I'm so excited! Another cool
thing, we got to read the parable of Jacob 5 in a vineyard! That was
also cool. Zone training is amazing! I have legit the BEST zone EVER!
We are made up of every social class you could think of and we all get
along like we have known each other for years!
We also did this cool thing called "power hour" where we contact
everyone we see. It was amazing! My job was to get the conversation
going and then finish it and add in where I felt it should. Needless
to say, it was awesome! One of them was in English and that was dope
:) we had 16 conversations and 3 lessons on the street that day and
that was very cool :)
Saturday we got to teach our less active, Sœur Frene. I love her so
much, but sometimes she is hard to understand because she doesn't have
teeth... But she is amazing and is making such good progress. We have
asked if we can start bringing members to read with us and she said
yes! Finally! She has also started preparing for our visits. She is
making such great progress. I hope that we can get her to come to
We also received a referral for an elderly lady who has read the whole
Book of Mormon, loves it, believes it's true, and wants to be taught!
We get to visit her today :)
Sunday was a miracle Sunday! We had 4 Amis at church! We normally only
have 2-3, but we got 4! And we had 2 others just randomly walk in
after sacrament! The work is progressing!! :) one of the Amis that
came was Rafael. He is dating a sister in the ward and when we were
talking to him he asked us if we would come teach him this week and
that he had been reading the gospel principles manual and he was half
way through the Book of Mormon. We of course said yes, and I'm looking
forward to getting to teach him. He said that he has a lot of interest
in the temple. I know that he was sent to us from God :)
Sunday we also got to host a baptism! It was awesome! It was for a man
in Freiburg. His wife spoke about baptism but got off topic quite a
bit and talked about their first kiss... That was a little awkward...
And all us missionaries got to sing! I feel so bad for those poor
people in the congregation.. Those poor souls, we sounded terrible!
Haha after the new brother was baptized and confirmed he bore his
testimony and it was the sweetest testimony I have heard (and
understood) in a very long time. I just love the testimony of new
members! They are so profound and so simple that the spirit is there
so strong. It's amazing.

Well, we are still working on getting our engages, but I am confident
we will do that. While doing our weekly planning we prayerfully made
the goal to get both our engages this week. I know we can do that.
With the Lord on our side, we can do anything!

Je sais que avec Dieu, nous pouvons faire toute chose. Je sais que
Dieu est notre Père Céleste. Je sais que Dieu nous aime beaucoup.
Parse que il nous aime, il envoye son Fils, Jésus-Christ. Je sais que
Jésus-Christ souffert et mort pour nous pour que nous puissions
retourner à Dieu et aussi pour que nous puissions avoir bonheur et
être pure. Je sais que l'église de Jésus-Christ des saints des
derniers jours est vraie, aussi le livre de mormon.

Je vous aime beaucoup!
À bientôt
Sœur Robb

Weekly Scripture:
Jacob 6:5
I love this scripture. My favorite part is where he says to "cleave
unto God" I love the visual that provides. It reminds me of the past 2
talks given in general conference by elder Ballard about getting in
the boat and hanging on with BOTH hands. God knows all, if we trust
Him, though bad things may happen, we will be able to be strengthened
by them and become more like the person he knows we can become.

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