Monday, May 2, 2016

Working In a War Zone

Lausanne District

Hey hey hey!
Let's just say that this week was pretty good! Not much teaching, but
I grew so much, so it all works out :)

Teaching wise, this week was kinda tough! We only taught 4 lessons but
had planned 16. The other 12 just fell through. It's so sad when that
happens. But, we did get some good contacting in, and had the best
work with members that we've had in a long time!

Monday we went to Lausanne and ate at this places called Holy Cow.
They make HUGE burgers! So good :) then we went home and had a FHE
with some members and their non-member friend :) she's not interested
in meeting with us, but she's coming to church. Hopefully soon she'll
meet with us!

Tuesday we got to meet with the new DMP (ward mission leader). He's so
cool and incredibly supportive of the work! He's been a convert for
about 7 years. He's super cool. He is working with is in so many
different ways to grow our teaching pool and get that baptism. He said
that he's already arranging plans for us to have a baptism on May 7th!
Haha he's wonderful :) we also had ward counsel where everyone was
giving us ideas on who could be the one baptism for us! It's so nice
to have supportive members working with you.

Wednesday we went to the farm and cleaned up cow poop and took care of
the baby cows! They're DARLING! It also POORED rain, so that was fun
(pics to come). We then made our final attempt to see Concetta. And
when we got there, she wasn't there but her sons were! They told us
where she was and walked with us there and she wasn't there... So we
went back to their apartment to get her number and guess what! She was
there! We have a RDV with her tomorrow :) it will be so fun!

After cleaning up the Poop at the farm, stinky and smelly.
The life of a missionary!!
Soeur Anderson and Soeur Robb

Thursday I got to go on exchange with cute Sister Allen! She's a new
blue from England. She's DARLING and had the same teachers as me in
the MTC! We had a lot of fun. We taught Krisztina together. I just
love Krisztina. She always asks amazing questions. When we were
teaching her Thursday she asked a lot of questions about the spirit
prison and spirit paradise and eternal marriage. She also said she
knows the church is true! Which is HUGE! We just gotta wait for her to
get married. She's amazing.

Friday we tried to have RDVs but every one of them fell through. But
not to worry, we made good use of our time and contacted :) I love

Saturday there was a relief society activity. It was fun! They talked
about different things like DIY projects, and what colors look good on
you, stuff like that. It was cool cuz we had some Amis there who
seemed to enjoy it :) it was a great opportunity to get the Amis
integrated into the ward.

Sunday was awesome as always. We got to go to a baptism! There was a
baptism in Lausanne. It was BEAUTIFUL! Nothing makes me more happy
than seeing people accept the gospel and use the atonement. All the
hard things we go through during missions are so worth it just for
that one moment.

Well, everyone I love you all! Keep up the good work and remember that
the Lord is always with you!

-sister Robb

Sœur Keagan Robb
La mission Français de Lyon
59 rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon France

Weekly Scripture:
Introduction to the Book of Mormon and testimonies of the witnesses.
These simple little passages are incredible! Within them is the
preface for something that blesses so many lives. And my favorite line
from the witnesses is "and we can not deny it" they KNEW it was true.
They KNEW it and they COULD NOT deny it. Let us all strive to be like
those witnesses and testify of the Book of Mormon and its
truthfulness. For it is true and we can not deny it.

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