Monday, May 2, 2016

Gathering the Hens of Isreal

Hey ya'll! How's it going?? Super good I hope. I hope that we've all
followed the counsel of Elder Holland and not come off the spiritual
high from conference! My challenge to you is to study the talk given
by our dear Prophet, President Monson, and make a list of 3 things we
will do/become from what he said. There is so much we can learn from
our dear prophet and so much we can learn fro,pm those who spoke. They
are truly inspired and I hope that you will treasure their words

So here are this weeks happenings.

Monday was just great haha. We just rode trains to Lyon and then went
shopping a little bit because EVERYTHING is cheaper in France than it
is I'm Switzerland. We also got stranded and the Moving Equipe had to
save us again haha.

On Tuesday, we got to go to Lyon for a leadership conference. It was
so fun. I get to just chill while the Zone Leaders and STLs have the
hard jobs ;) we were issued a challenge though! The mission has
received a challenge to have 91 baptisms by May 8th! Holy cow is all I
can say! That is an impossible goal right? That is right, but only if
you try to do it alone. The beautiful thing about serving a mission is
that you have to serve a mission the Lords way, and if you do that
anything is possible, even 91 baptisms!

Wednesday was a good day. We contacted a lot and then stopped by the
house of an ami and she just talked about her trip to Utah and Vegas
haha. It was fun to get to connect with her! But it was difficult to
try and get a word in.

Thursday we had Zone training and that was a blast as usual. We went
through some rules and that stuff and then discussed the 91 baptisms
challenge. We are pumped here is Swiss and totally ready. We will do
this because we have the Lord on our side. The work may be rough and
Satan will try his hardest to get us to not succeed but despite it
all, we will succeed! I feel like this is what the Lord has been
preparing us for. After the Paris Attacks we had the challenge of
getting 200 non-members at church and we did that. Then in December we
taught lessons with 1000 members. Last transfer we got 223
investigators to commit to baptism and now is the time to finish it,
all in preparation for the dedication of the Paris temple this fall.
We can do it, and we will do it. Because we have the Lord. There is no
doubt in my mind that with the lords help we will succeed.

Friday was fun too. We had a RDV with an ami named Paul. He has had a
rough past and told us about some of the hard things that he's going
through right now. Despite everything he's going through, he said that
he has a desire to get better and to change his life. We testified to
him that it was possible to do so through our savior Jesus Christ. He
was so happy. We gave him a commitment and I really hope he keeps it!
As missionaries, we are here to Invite people to co,e into Christ, and
then to help them do that. It makes me so happy when people say they
want to change but it's just another kind of happiness when they
really do. Prayers for Paul!

Saturday was neat. We were doing our usual power hour and I saw the
cutest couple ever and when I saw them, I had the impression to
contact them. That was probably one of the scariest impressions I've
had in my life! But I did it. With my Americanized French, I contacted
this couple and turns out THEY ARE INTERESTED! We have a RDV set for
this weekend and I'm SO excited :) Friends, ALWAYS follow the
promptings of the Holy Ghost.

Sunday was a good Sunday. We had quite the day. We got set up 4 RDVs
to meet with members and the Stake President invited us over! That was
intimidating. We also had a FHE and I will definitely include some
pictures :)

Oh! Also, explanation of the subject... When we were at church we
found some chickens (yes, chickens at the Church.) and decided that it
might be fun try and "gather" them haha

Well everyone, I love you all. I hope you have a wonderful week.
Thanks for all the emails and the prayers. They mean the world to me
and definitely keep me going when times get tough.

Remember who you are and whose you are :)
Sœur Keagan Robb
La mission Français de Lyon
59 rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon France

Weekly Scripture:
Matthew 14:22-33
Keep your eyes focuses on the Savior and all will be okay.

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