Thursday, July 14, 2016

Jumping for Joy in Albi

Hello everyone!! :) how has your week been? Good I hope.

This week I just want to talk about the highlights from the week :)

So Thursday we had exchanges with the STLs in Toulouse. I got to be
with Soeur Grant and I basically love her lots and lots! We started by
teaching a recent convert who was just super cool!  We taught about
temples and family history so we can help him prepare for the temple
and ah he was just super cool! He is so excited to go. That excitement
makes me excited! Haha it also reminds me how much I miss the temple!
Then we were able to teach a lady named Cynthia and her friend Koby.
They're from Ghana! They were super super cool. They have already
investigated the church in Ghana but didn't know that the church was
here in France too :) they were really receptive to the message and
said that they have a greater opportunity to join the true church
because they are on their own and not living with their parents in
Ghana. I really hope for them that they come to know the church is
true! After that we got to go to a FHE with the YSAs in Toulouse.
They're all super cute and were a lot of fun! We played pictionary and
they all laughed at my drawings... Needless to say, I need to work on
my drawing skills because angel Moroni was just not good... Haha
Soeur Grant and Keagan

Thursday we had zone finding day. I got to be with Soeur Grant again.
It was the best. We just talked and contacted and it was a blast!
There was one lady in particular that we contacted that I want to tell
you about. Her name is Celeste and she is from Boston, Massachusetts!
She teaches language at Stratton University and her husband teaches at
Toulouse University during the summer. She told us her life story and
it was BOMB! Oh she is so cool. She is a Greek Orthodox and her
husband is a Jew. She told us about their story and how they make life
work dispite the different religions. She expressed the importance of
raising your children in a religion. It was neat. She ended by telling
us that her and her family had traveled to Peru with one of her
students who had served a mission there and he told them all about
missionaries and missionary work. She seemed more interested in our
genealogy library than the lessons... But that's okay! :)

Saturday we were able to teach our ami Juan-José. He is really
progressing! He's so humble and he knows the church is true. We are
going to engage him to baptism this coming Saturday, so please pray
for him :)

Well, other than that, nothing much is new here. We have some strikes
here in France that is REALLY slowing down our work because all the
trains and busses are canceled, and this Wednesday we are starting a
HUGE strike where basically everything but the post and the gas
stations are shutting down. It's annoying.. But to help us pass the
time, president brown has given us another challenge! Starting June 1
we are going to start finding new Amis. Our challenge is to find 1000
new Amis by June 12! That's 12 days, yes, to find 1000 Amis. It seems
CRAZY! But I know we can do it :) the key is to find families!

Anyways, that was this week! I want you all to know that I know this
church is true! I know it with all my heart. I know that we have a
Savior who atoned for us. I know that because of the Atonement we are
never alone, we can live with our Heavenly Father again, and we can
repent and become clean again and again, and how every many times more
we need to repent. I love you! Be good :)

Big bisous from France,
Sœur Keagan Robb

La mission Français de Lyon
Lyon Business Centre
59 rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon France

Weekly Scripture:
D&C 50: 40-41, 44
This scripture is a favorite! I love how it talks about us "growing in
grace". I have been pondering that a lot this past week and what it
means to "grow in grace" so if you have any ideas, I would love them!

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