Thursday, July 14, 2016

Spiritual Soldiers

Hi everyone! I hope your week was awesome :) Here in Albi, something
big is about to happen because this week has been a tough one, but as
always, we had an incredible finish! Here is my week :)

Monday we went to our branch presidents house and had a nerf war! It
was the bomb! Of course my team won 😉 we then had lunch with them,
and came home and spent some time with our RC (recent convert)
Cynthia! She has received revelation that she needs to go to BYU so I
am helping her prepare for all that :) lets just say, it's a blast
teaching her English and helping her with applications and preparing
her for the USA (Utah specifically). She is trying to start January,
so fingers crossed we can get her ACT done and everything she needs in

Tuesday was a different day haha. It started in an odd way.. Soeur Van
Loon woke up and found a tick on the top of her foot! I guess she got
it from our nerf war, she was running through long grass and that
stuff (I stayed safely on the paved path haha). We called the mission
nurse and she send us to the hospital to get that taken care of. When
we arrived, we got in within 10 mins (which is really unusual for
French Hospitals) and when we got in, the doctor started asking us
about what we were doing here and we actually taught him the
restoration, right there in the hospital! Super super cool :) he said
he wasn't interested at the moment in meeting with us, but if he was
he would let us know. We then continued the day like normal and got to
look at apartments during lunch (our apartment was an elders apartment
and it's just trashed...).

So each Wednesday I teach English here, and it's a hit! So I got to
teach proper grammar this week, which for some reason, everyone has a
problem with! Haha it's really funny trying to hear people speak
English... I'm sure that's how they feel when I speak French! But it
was good! This week were teaching on describing.

Thursday was a super tough day. Our car has been having problems so we
found a car dealership and when we got there, it was closed down! It
took us an hour to get there too so that was super frustrating... So
we just went home and did the usual missionary stuff, make calls,
contact, study, etc.

Friday was Zone Training. It was really good. We had someone from the
stake come and teAch us about ward counsel and all that stuff. It was
really nice and informative. Here we don't have ward counsel, so it
was nice to know what was suppose to be happening haha. Friday we also
got the car fixed. It took us a while but, it was worth it. After that
we drove to a members house for a dinner appointment. They're the
coolest family ever! They're from Tahiti and just darling. And she
cooks AMAZINGLY! It was a blast. I honestly love Albi and all its
dysfunction haha.

Saturday we got to teach Juan-José again! He's super cool, but a
really slow learner. We got to teach him with Cynthia. Cool thing
about Cynthia, she's going to BYU for her masters and PhD in
Psychology! So she totally red Juan for us haha.  It was really nice.
I love them both. So does the Lord, so being with them is even better

Sunday we had church and it was amazing! It was focused on faith,
which was amazing! we also got to go to our Branch Presidents house
for dinner. Dinner at their house reminds me of dinner at my house.
Always so much fun and everyone is always laughing :) it's the best!
We played this game where you get a person and an action and it's
hilarious! I will send a video of one of the elders doing it, cuz it's
the best.

Well everyone, that's it for this week! I love you all and I know that
this church is true.

Sœur Keagan Robb
La mission Français de Lyon
59 rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon France

Weekly Scripture:
Moroni 10:32. I found this quote earlier this week, and don't remember
who it's by...but it said everything I wanted to say! So here yah go
In the concluding chapter of the Book of Mormon, the great prophet
Moroni teaches us how to come unto and be perfected in Christ. We
“deny [our]selves of all ungodliness.” We “love God with all [our]
might, mind and strength.” Then His grace is sufficient for us, “that
by his grace [we] may be perfect in Christ.” If we “deny not” the
power of God, we can be “sanctified in Christ by the grace of God,”
which “is in the covenant of the Father unto the remission of [our]
sins,” that we can “become holy, without spot”

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