Thursday, July 14, 2016

Lessons from Transfer 3

Soeur Robb and Soeur Van Loon

Hey everyone, how are things going? Super great I hope!

So this week has been a tough week! I will not lie, it has probably been the worst week, and I really didnt think it could quite possibly get worse, and then it did. haha but as with all things, there is always light at then end of the tunnel (or an awesome family who always has your back) and I ended the week with a definite bang and it was a really great ending. The mission is TOUGH! I never though it would be as tough as it is, yet it is SO rewarding. The Lord is always watching out for his missionaries.

So this week, with everything going on here in France, we didnt get to go out much, so I dont have much to talk about. Therefore, i decided to write about the lessons I have learned from this transfer!

Lesson 1: This transfer I have learned that we are all children of God, that includes yourself! I think a lot of times that the other people around us are children of God (or maybe we don't) but we take for granted that it includes ourselves! We really do have a Heavenly Father who is watching out for us and is guiding us. He loves us so much and really enjoys blessing us as we do what is right. 

Lesson 2: Patience- use it befor you lose it. This is a very commenly used quote on the homefront videos haha but its so true! A lot of the time you and your companion are different people who grew up in different backgrounds (there once was a companionship in our mission where the younger sister trained her big sister SO COOL!) and do different things that will most likely annoy us. No one on this earth is perfect, and there has only been one to live that was perfect. That is especialy true with missionaries, WE ARE NOT PERFECT! haha And in companionships there will always be things that the other does that annoys you or isn't right, but as you practice patience and charity, things will be okay! Getting along with people is not easy, but when you love them with a pure love of christ, it is easier.

Lesson 3: When you think you're humble, you're not. This transfer I thought I was so humble because I was tollerating people, FALSE! I was actually a pretty prideful person. I realized a little too late into the transfer that I was very self centered and was constantly complaining. As one of my teachers from the MTC put it (shout out to Frere Keenan), "One of the fastest ways to drive the spirit from your life is to complain. What is complaining? You are essentially saying, "This is unfair!" Or "This isn't how I want things!" Or "But I thought it would go differently, That is so AWFUL that the Universe didn't make itself the way i thought it should be." 

Listen to those messages you are sending god when you have a complaining heart, or when I have a complaining heart, and consider the universe you do live in. 

God created a world for you, His Son, Christ, Died for you so you could be forgiven. Christ did not have to, He chose to , and he would have chosen to if you WERE THE ONLY ONE! 

If the world was fair, There would be no world. Do we deserve this world through our own merits? Do we deserve salvation, so freely offered to us, on our own merits? 

No, These are gifts. On top of these great gifts of the opportunity of exaltation and salvation come gifts of the spirit, promises of eternal family, the spirit guiding us in our every decision. 

The world is unfair. It is hysterically hopelessly unfair IN OUR FAVOR! We are suprememly blessed and loved beings. TImes can be difficult, and the big picture can be hard to see, But remember how much the lord has done for you and how WONDERFULLY unfair life is before you allow your heart to complain. 

Rather be as Job, or Nephi, or Like Christ, be submissive to the Lords will and Full of Gratitude. Even the worst days are blessings we fought a war in heaven for."
This really made me think about what messages I was sending to my Heavenly Father, and I decided that I really needed to study Humility... So next transfer will be dedicated to Humility! If you have any good talk, scriptures, or thoughts, I would love to hear them!

Lesson 4: Contacting in the rain is fun! People feel so bad for you, and they commend you for what you're doing and actually like to listen to what you have to say. Plus, Soeur Van Loon and I quite enjoy dancing in the rain, so woo hoo haha

Lesson 5: I have a really cool heratige! This transfer I studied my family history and the history of the church to find out where I came from and how cool my family really is, and I found a gold mine of cool stories! We have some pretty big shoes to fill friends, and some of those shoes need saving! So learn who you are, where you came from, and do your family history! You may never know who is waiting for you to save them :)

Lesson 6: Sisters Conferences are SUPER COOL! Yesterday we went had a mission wide sisters conference. It was a blast to get to have everyone there and to have a conference. President talked to us about the need to step it up because we can't rely on the Elders all the time, he also said that we are a young mission and we need to step it up because we are going to be trained, and then moved to leadership positions and we need to be able to take responsibility and to lead in a positive manner. He said that it takes love, humility, and trust in the Lord. We also talked about getting along in our companionships. It was a very good conference and I really feel more united as sisters. I really hope that this becomes an anual thing :)

On our way to Sister Conference.
France Drivers are CRAZY!  If I can drive here I can drive ANYWEHRE!!

I learned a lot more, but I'll save the rest for another day and time so I don't put you all to sleep haha.

I love you all and am very grateful for your prayers in my behalf!

Also, HAPPY FATHER'S DAY to all you cool dads out there! Keep up the good work because you never know how much good you do in your kids lives. I will forever be grateful for my dad and for all he did to prepare me to be here today, and all that he does to keep me here on a mission. Love you dad :)
I challenge you all to watch this video and ponder about how much we love our fathers, and then ponder about how much we love our Heavenly Father!

Soeur Keagan Robb

Weekly Scripture:
1 Nephi 21: 15-16

I love this scripture. The Lord really does know us personally. He truly did suffer and die for each on of us the cross. He has suffered for our pains and afflictions, all that we would go through, and He did so willingly. He loves us immencly with a love that we can't even comprehend, Don't ever hesitate to pray to your father in heaven when you're struggling because He and His son Jesus Christ are always there, just one prayer away.

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