Thursday, July 14, 2016

Transfer week

Hello everyone!! How are you doing?! I am doing wonderful :) my
goodness, so much has happened since the last time I emailed so I will
fill ya'll in real quick.
Last week was a super tough week. There was just lots of opposition,
but as Frère Adams from the MTC would always tell us, "a smooth sea
never made a great sailor" and boy is that true! I grew so much that
week. My patience grew leaps and bounds and it's all because I put my
trust in the Lord. If you put your trust in Him, everything works out
just how it is supposed to! Life is not easy, but life is much easier.
You can just have so much hope as you go through your trials and tough
times because you have the perfect friend with you, Jesus Christ!
There is a song called A Mile in my Shoes by David Osmond. It's my
favorite song right now and I think it's definitely worth a listen :)
At the end of the tough week, we received transfer calls... And I got
transferred! I actually got called to do something special. I was
transferred to Albi, France (in the Toulouse zone) to Pink Wash (the
sisters replace the elders) with a companion from the Reunion Islands
in Madagascar (her name is Soeur Van Loon and she was also trained by
Soeur Greciano)! Oh, and I'm the designated driver... When President
told me this I was pretty shocked... I just graduated from being a
greenie! Haha It was definitely humbling for me, but also a very good
reminder that this is not my work; this is the Lords work and I can
only do it His way, and He has confidence in me. After some praying I
felt much better. The next day I received a call from one of the
Elders in Albi who told me that I would be having a baptism on
Saturday! I was shocked (and felt kind of bad for "stealing" their
baptism) but I was also super excited! It's my first baptism!!

Well, after that, I packed up and we headed off to Geneve to spend the
night and then went on my way to Albi! And boy do I love it here! It's
BEAUTIFUL and it's so warm! I'm already tanning haha and driving (even
though it's trick and the people that drive here are CRAZY) is getting
much easier. I can find my way around just a little bit and I'm
getting really good at following a GPS (we call it our MDL (Modern Day
Liahona)). And my goodness our ami getting baptized, Cynthia, is
INCREDIBLE! She is darling and just reminded us to never give up on
our Amis because you never know when things might click. It could take
years it could take days, but you never give up. She said that if the
missionaries had given up on her 2 years ago that she wouldn't be
getting baptized today. She's super cute and I'm super excited for her
to get baptized Saturday.

Well everyone, I love this gospel! I love being a missionary. I don't
think I have ever felt more happy in my life than I do right now.
Serving a mission is better than any Christmas morning, Disneyland
trip, anything! It's so crazy how you can try to give back to our
Heavenly Father but he just blesses you more! It's honestly not fair,
but he does it anyways and it's because HE LOVES US! I hope you always
remember that. YOU ARE LOVED! You are loved so so much. And because
you are loved and I am loved, we were given a Savior, our brother
Jesus Christ, who made it possible for us to return to our Heavenly
Father again, to become clean, and to just have so much peace and
happiness. Brothers and Sisters, that is what life is about! It is our
fathers design for us to be happy! He knows the way to do that, He
sent His son as our example, and if we will follow that example as
best we can, repenting constantly and cheerfully along the way because
none of us are perfect, I can promise you that we will certainly find
happiness- a happiness that is greater than anything we can get in
this world and that lasts forever.

I love you all and am constantly praying for you! Que dieu vous bénir!

Sœur Keagan Robb
La mission Français de Lyon
59 rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon France

This week my spiritual though is from the July 2000 ensign. There is a
talk called "Finding A Safe Harbor" by Joseph B. Wirthlin and I would
just challenge you to read it. It is incredible and totally centered
on our Savior Jesus Christ (this transfer I am devoting all my
personal studies to the Savior and His life).

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