Friday, January 8, 2016

Yeah, we got our first email!!  So good to hear from her, just what we all needed!

Sister Robb, Sister Stevenson, Sister Staniforth

Holy cow, how is everybody? I am doing tres bien! I absolutely LOVE the MTC. The Spirit here is so strong and I love that I get to be surrounded by Elders and Sisters who love the gospel as much as I do. SO MUCH FUN! Here is how my week has gone so far..

Wednesday: So after I got to the sidewalk after being dropped off there were no more tears, I was just filled with total excitement! I got inside, got my name tag, checked in and when I walked out I saw Soeur Staniforth! It was so fun to be able to see familiar faces the minute I got there. As soon as my Host Sister came we went to my dorm room, dropped off my stuff and she took me straight to class. When I got to class I was able to meet my companion Souer Clark from Logan, Utah. She is SO MUCH FUN and we laugh and laugh all the time. She is so much fun to be around and we get along so well. OK, so class is CRAZY! I walk in and the teacher says NOTHING in English! Only French... I thought that when I got there I would be okay for the first because I was using the Duo Lingo app, HA wrong! I understood a few words the whole time... But it's okay because the gift of tongues is real! After we had class we went to a devotional to meet the MTC presidency and let me tell yah, they are awesome and so full of the Spirit. You can tell they love the work and they love us missionaries. Then we finished off with meeting our Zone and I can say that I already love them! Most of the new elders and sisters in my zone and coming to Lyon with me and then there are 3 souer companionships and 1 elder (his comp still hasn't showed up... *sad face*) are going to Paris. My zone leaders and sister training leaders are super cool! One of my zone leaders, named Elder Colby, looks just like Holden Jones! It's so funny. Everyone is so kind and welcoming.

Thursday: It was just another day! I went to class and didn't understand much, but I understood more than I did on Wednesday so I call that improvement. We found out that we would be teaching an investigator in French on Saturday! I am stoked to finally be able to teach but totally freaking out because it will be in French.. Souer Clark and I don't even know how to say "thanks for letting us teach you" but that's okay because we will learn and the Lord will bless us with the Spirit as long as we prepare our best and are worthy of it! Later that night we got to meet our Branch President and he is awesome! He interviewed me and I received the assignment to put together a musical number and be prepared to play it.. So good thing I have about a billion songs with me haha! We were also told that each missionary in the zone needs to prepare a 2-5 minute talk in French for Sunday because they we would be asked to speak a few minutes before sacrament meeting starts! That's totally crazy to me.

Friday: That's today! My zone woke up and went to the temple today at 7am to do a session together and it was amazing! There is something about having a group of missionaries together that just brings the Spirit so strong. We then got to eat breakfast in the cafeteria at the temple because the food is SO much better. We get to spend P-day today just having fun and then at 6pm it's time to get serious again and work on teaching our investigator (prayers that the French will come).

Before I close i just want to talk about my district really quick. In my district we have 3 soeur companionships and 2 elder companionships. Just my companion and I and then the 2 elder companionships are going to Lyon. I absolutely love my district! Everyone gets along with each other and we have so much fun! Somehow every time Souer Clark and I try to prepare our lesson Elder Newton(from California) and Elder Liddle(from England) are in there. We have very "inspirational" talks about food in America and England and mail and well, everything. It's so fun to be able to get a long with all these missionaries! And don't worry Mom, I have toned myself down just a little bit (; (meaning I haven't lost it laughing yet lol).

Honestly, this is the happiest I have been in a LONG time. I love the MTC. I love my companion. I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ! I am loving being a missionary and can't wait for France so I can teach real people and not actors haha.

I love you all and I miss you, but don't worry, I am NOT homesick and I haven't been since I got here.

Have a safe week and I will talk to ya'll next Friday!
A bientot! 

Soeur Keagan Robb

Closing Scripture: Isaiah 53: 5-3
I love this scripture! It shows how much Christ really has done for us. Let us strive to be more grateful for His Atonement for us.

Sister Robb and her first official companion Sister Clark from Logan Utah
Sister Robb

Sister Clark

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