Monday, May 2, 2016

The Best For Last

Hey everyone! How is life? Good I hope!

So this week was a miracle week with a sad ending...

Monday we got to go to the lake with Soeur Yaka-Yake and Soeur
Wadsworth. It was fun to picnic there and just enjoy the scenery. Then
we went and had a RDV with our ami Krisztina! It was just incredible!
I don't think I've talked about Krisztina before... So I'll give a
little introduction. Krisztina is from Hungary. She is the cutest
thing ever. She speaks French, Hungarian and English. She is engaged
to a member of our ward and met the church when he invited her to come
to general conference with him. She has met with 3 different sets of
missionaries and understands it all, she is so smart! She can teach
the lessons to her brother after we teach her, it's amazing. She asked
us on Sunday if we would teach her about self-reliance, so of course
we say yes! When we got there to teach her we had no clue what to
teach on. Self-Reliance is such a big topic that we had no clue what
to teach. We decided to say a prayer and ask Heavenly Father to guide
us and as soon as I said amen I knew exactly what we needed to teach
her on. It was amazing. It was like a light switch had been turned on,
her needs just hit me. It was super cool. So we went in and taught her
and we knew exactly what to say. It was so cool. We gave her a
personal progress book and encouraged her to begin it. I never really
realized how much personal progress helped me until now! I have
learned so many different life lessons from personal progress.. If you
haven't finished it, I encourage you to do so! Anyways... The lesson
was wonderful and the spirit was so strong.

We went to the farm like always and it was fun. They're always so good
to us at the farm. I enjoy the opportunity to serve and learn and try
new things. It's the best (: Tuesday we also had a lot of lessons fall
through so we just contacted and did some area book. I love
contacting. It's a lot of fun getting to meet new people. When you
meet someone you can just tell how much the gospel would help them
with their life and how much they need it and you just have this
instant love for them. It's amazing.

Wednesday was our miracle Wednesday! We started the morning meeting
with Souer Frene and it was wonderful! She is such a sweet lady. We
read with her from 1 Nephi 13 and she was telling us "This is where
Christopher Colombus came in right?" "This is where it talks about
America gaining independence right?" And stuff like that. She is
amazing, she knows everything. I hope that sometime soon we find out
what happened to make her not want to come to church anymore because
we could use her sweet spirit back in our ward. After that, we went
and visited with our ami Fred at the church. He is progressing so
well. He has so many good questions, it's wonderful. He asked us how
we baptize people and what makes our church different and why the Book
of Mormon is important. We taught him the restoration and answered a
lot of his questions. It was so cool. He loves the baptismal font and
the chapel so much. He says that the spirit is strong there. SO COOL!
After we visited him we met with Jeremie. He is a frustrating ami for
us... He likes to just bash everything we say. When we asked him if it
would be important for him to know the truth he said no. It's
frustrating, he needs to read the Book of Mormon and then pray about
it. That is our goal for the future. Get him to read the Book of

Thursday we had district meeting. It was so much fun. We got to do
this thing called "bible prophecies" where we predicted where everyone
was going. It was so much fun!! Someone predicted that I would be
staying here in Yverdon to baptize all the drug dealers haha (Which
there really aren't drug dealers because everything is legal here in
Swiss). It was super fun. Then we went back and had dinner with the
Ward Missionaries here and they made MAC AND CHEESE for the American
(: It was so cool.

Friday were transfer calls!! It was so funny. We expected president to
call us later in the day so Soeur Greciano jumped in the shower but
turns out that he called while she was in the shower and when I told
her she thought that I was joking. Then she heard me talking to
president and jumped out of the shower, so that was funny. Well,
moment of truth! I am staying in Yverdon! WOOT WOOT! But sad day,
Soeur Greciano is going to France... I am receiving a sister named
Soeur Anderson. It's so cool. I am so excited.

We got to meet with Soeur Frene again! She is so cute. We went and
told her Soeur Greciano was leaving and she was so sad. We had a final
parting words and it was awesome. She knows, and we know she knows. I
want her to come back so bad. We then went and visited other people
and got a new ami named Samuel! He is from Brazil and we are really
excited to teach him. He seems really interested.

We got to have Easter dinner with the Pires Family. They are so sweet.
Soeur Pires is my favorite. She asked me if I would teach her how to
do genealogy and of course I said yes! She has a less active daughter
we are working with too so hopefully us being there will help her.

Well. That was my week! Hope all of yours was well too!

I love you all so much and thanks for all your prayers.

Until next week (:

Sœur Keagan Robb
La mission Français de Lyon
59 rue de l'Abondance
69003 Lyon France

Weekly Scripture:
Moroni 10:32
This is an invitation scripture. Let us all work on coming unto Christ
this week.

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