Monday, May 2, 2016


Hey! How is everyone! Super pumped after general conference? Cuz I
am!! My goodness wasn't that just AMAZING!! I tell yah what, there is
NOTHING better than general conference on the mission. Okay, there are
lots of things that and equally as awesome, but it's way cool. And was
one of the best ways to end this week. One of my favorite quotes was
from elder Mervyn B. Arnold when he said "no matter our age, we are
all called to go to the rescue." That quote really touched my little
missionary heart. We don't have to have a name tag to be a missionary.
We don't have to be 18/19/20/21. We don't even need to grow a foot or
two! We just need to heed the call and rescue. It could be something
as simple as smiling at someone and saying hi, or serving a neighbor
in need. It reminded me of the song "have I done any good in the world
today." This week I challenge you to heed the call of those around us
and rescue those in need.

So this week was definitely an awesome one!
Monday was fun, we got to party it up in Geneva. And that night I
received sister Andersen. She is my new companion and she is from
Denmark! She is basically perfection. I love her and have already
learned so much in 1 short week from her! She pushes me to open my
mouth more and to get uncomfortable. She is an amazing teacher and I
am excited to learn more from her as our transfer goes.

Tuesday we started our day and had all our lessons fall through so it
was just a fine day full of contacting haha. But that was okay because
we got a brand new fridge!! So In our mission we have this awesome
companionship called "the moving elders" and they help all the
missionaries get what they need and they are just wonderful. So they
brought us a new fridge because our old one had a door that would fall
off... But man! I just have a new appreciation for the elders! They
are AMAZING! If sisters ask for anything, they will do it not because
they have to but because they want to. They are so polite and they
honestly have out best interest in mind and take WAY good care of us.
They also take the jobs that I don't want like working in the office
or the moving equipe (companionship). Needless to say, I developed a
greater appreciation for the elders all over the world haha.

Wednesday we had a grand miracle! We have a potential ami that we have
been trying to contact forever and she isn't home. She is so ready for
the gospel and we aren't giving up on her. Well, as we were
contacting-because I couldn't remember where someone we were going to
try to pass lived (Yverdon may be small, but I still sometimes get
lost haha...)- there she came riding by on her bike! She stopped and
talked to us, said she was struggling but knew that we could help her
and wants to meet with us! We are just waiting for her call to fix a
RDV! It was a grand miracle indeed.

Thursday was fun! I got to introduce Soeur Andersen to the farm! She
loved it haha. She grew up on an apple farm and loved it. We also got
a new ami! His name is Bruno. He has had a rough life but as we shared
with him the truth of the gospel we were able to watch his heart
soften and he was very receptive to our message. We will be meeting
with him on Wednesday and I'm really looking forward to that.

Friday was another day just full of contacting but it was still a good
day with lots of miracle stories and bunches of new potentials.

Saturday was the beginning of conference!! It was weird to watch it at
church and so late at night, but it was so fun. Soeur Andersen and I
were the only ones to watch it in English so it was nice to have a
room all to ourselves haha :)

Sunday was a blast! We went to church early in the morning to watch
the women's session and then went to eat at a members home. She fed us
goat and rice. It was SO good! Didn't think I would like goat, but
it's actually really good. After that we got to watch the Saturday
afternoon session and Sunday morning session. We would have finished
conference today but we are on our way to Lyon for an STL/ZL
Leadership Conference! But I am really looking forward to that and to
getting to finish conference. It's always so amazing.

Well. That's about it folks!! Life here in Yverdon is so good and
always getting better. And I give all the credit to my Heavenly Father
and His son Jesus Christ. Every good thing I have In this works I owe
to them!

Know I love you all lots!
Until next week,

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